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To Reach the Unreachable Star

May 7, 2010

(first printed in Walking Slow, Lazara Press, 1985)

God, she says, this is Linda.
It’s Friday afternoon down here;
I’m trying to type a perfect report.
It doesn’t matter really
except to me
and maybe to you
if you’re not too busy watching sparrows fall.
So tell me, God,
how you’re supposed to take it
when you set yourself a certain goal
and blow it?
This report was to have been free of errors –
why does it have two errors?
Am I being punished?
Or is it that I have, perhaps,
overreached myself –
aimed too high?
Maybe only some of us are fated to dine with the gods;
the rest of us must settle for
fixing typing errors.

June, 1983

Copyright 2009, Helen Potrebenko. For permissions please visit