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May 15, 2009

(First printed in Riding Home, Talon Books, 1995)

We have walked through a green golden forest
seeking edible mushrooms in autumn,
chipping rock from the sides of green mountains,
picking berries on green summer days.

Once, camping at Casper Creek, we woke up to find
the truck surrounded by a minor lake –
drove to higher ground and in the morning looked down
at the green water churning at green banks.

Once, walking down a sun-striped, green-shaded trail,
swatting flies, listening to a busy little creek
somewhere far below, we saw a deer bounding
on rubber legs into the green bush.

The rain forest is a wall of lush green
with people-made paths peering out from between trees
and campsites tenuously crouched
at the edge of the solid green bush.

In the clearings, many-hued grasses flourish
and green-based wild flowers rampantly clash
colours with the surrounding trees –
waving stems of colour in the cool green breeze.

There are too many shades of green to be one colour;
there are ten greens in one leaf of skunk cabbage.
How many greens are in a cedar branch?
Many greens make a rain forest grow.

We have walked through the cool green forests
and slept under skies filled with stars;
we have walked on the sides of green mountains;
dipped our pails in the cool green streams.

August, 1988

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