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Dicta Typing

March 22, 2009

(First printed as a broadsheet by Lazara Press)

After you finish a particularly difficult tape
there should be people clapping and cheering.
There should be trumpets blowing
and a thousand voice choir singing “Hallelujah”
while all the other branch employees line up
to shake your hand in congratulations.
Instead, you just have to start typing the next one.

lf one noted the form rather than the content,
really, the letters are works of art
which should be framed and hung on display.
Instead, they are folded and placed in an envelope,
destroying their symmetric perfection.

But after a while there is an awesome satisfaction
in just turning out so many letters
hour after hour,
day after day.

I once thought I would like to type a million letters
but now I think I would like to type a mountain
so I can be visibly awed
by the work of my own hands.
It takes, I think, many more than a million letters
to make me a mountain
but mountains, like anything else, are made
one letter at a time,
so I’m going to type me a mountain.

lf someone tells you they are bored;
you know right away they’re not a typist.
lf life seems empty and meaningless,
try typing.
You got any kind of problems-
but stay away from me;
I’m busy typing a mountain.
I’m going to type me a mountain.
Yeah, I’m going to type me a mountain.

December, 1980

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