(First printed in Walking Slow, Lazara Press, 1985; translated into Dutch for inclusion in Ik Heb Tien Benen, 1990)

With my next paycheque I will buy
a pink cotton dress with bright flowers all over it.
I will wear it without stockings,
exposing to the world,
my bare, hairy legs.

With my next paycheque I will buy
records and books.
I will comb the stores for Ronstadt and Parton
and Lessing and Laurence
and whatever else pleases me
and bring them all home in a taxi.

With my next paycheque I will make
a substantial donation to the strike fund
so the striker’s baby can be well-fed
and well-clothed and
heaped with love and luxury,
and then maybe he will grow up to do
what we have left undone.

With my next paycheque I will buy
a house with a large kitchen,
a garage,
a study for each of us,
a large living-room,
and a garden for me in the back.

Then, of course, we’ll need a truck,
which I will buy with my next paycheque
to move our stuff to the new house with
and to bring home all the things I will buy
with the paycheque after that.,
We will also need a motor home
to go travelling in.

With my next paycheque,
we will take a lengthy holiday,
travelling to Palm Springs and Long Beach
in our new motor home
and if there is any time left over,
I will work in my garden.

April, 1980

Copyright 2009, Helen Potrebenko. For permissions please visit


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